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United American Free Will Baptist Bible College serves as the Ecumenical Bible College for churches and ministries worldwide. It’s mission and vision is to fulfill God’s mandate…to make disciples for Christ.


This is where thousands of successful pastoral careers are launched – including our current instructors. Nearly all of our instructors start in this program. You will learn our church business from the inside out – taking care of members, developing marketing plans and working with an energetic team of professionals. You’ll see just how much influence you can have on the future and on your own ministry. As you progress through the program, you’ll see many more career options open to you such as opening up your own church.
We start with orientation and classroom training. After you’re assigned to a local church, your hands-on training begins. You’ll work with and learn from capable mentors who were once in your shoes. Does it work? Absolutely. Nearly all of our ministers and executive pastors started out as Minister Trainees — including our bishops.


Want to start way out in front? Try our paid instructors Internship Program. As a current college student, you’ll learn how to run an extension site Association Extension Organization Program of United American Free Will Baptist Bible College by working with a team that’s actually running one. You’ll also gain truly marketable skills that will prepare you for a successful career after graduation. Along the way, you’ll also participate in contests and competitions with other interns, building relationships, honing your entrepreneurial skills and gaining experience. You’ll take on the same challenges as our first and second year full-time professionals. Even better, at the end of your internship, you’ll make a presentation to your ministry team covering the business topics you learned throughout the program.


We offer opportunities throughout our organization for skilled, dedicated professionals. From instructors, accounting and information technology, to roles within our 1800 2,500 churches, our career opportunities can put you in a position to succeed. While you are earning your degree, you can train to open your own Bible Institute. You can train other students as you learn. This is a great way to pay your tuition.

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